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Intelligent Edge

smart2We bring computing resources to the edge of a network. This can be in the consumer, industrial or agriculture space. We develop and deploy data models to devices "at the edge" using TensorFlow Lite to allow your smart products to make quick decisions and levarge the power of AI, ML and the IoT.

Intelligence Cloud

Using concepts from LEAN manufacturing and Agile Software Development, we build value for you from day one. As data is being ingested we are continuously improving our data models and launching news mobile and browser based web applications. We are your team for the Intlligence Cloud!

IoT & Mobile App Development

Developing a connected product requires a wide range of expertise. Being a founding partner in 
Lab651 means that we can provide you more than 20 years of Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering experience to build connected products end-to-end under one roof.

Let's Build A Smarter Product

Benefits to Your Business

Connecting your product or the assets in your business to the Internet enables you as a business to bring immediate return on investment.

  • Visibility - Understand exactly where, how often and how your product or asset is being used in the market or at your business.
  • Reach - Connect with your customer or end-user in the case of maintenance or even before a potential failure.
  • Uptime - Provide remote maintenance of the product or asset and only intervene with the customer experience when needed.
  • Feedback - No more needing to do customer feedback surveys, they just use the product and it gets better!
  • Future - Create an opportunity to build additional services, products or open new markets based on real-time customer usage data.

Benefits to Your Customer

Making your products or assets connected to the Internet has benefits to your customer and employees as well.

  • Service - No need to schedule service when parts break and need to be replaced. The product informs whomever it needs and has the ability to schedule the service.
  • Personalization - Users now have the ability to interact with and control your product or asset with a smartphone or other device.
  • Survey - No need to give feedback on satisfaction with the product or how it's being used in surveys. They just use the product and that data is captured.
  • Warranty - Product registration or warranty cards are not needed. All of this information is discovered and integrated once connected.
  • Training - The product is now able to give feedback and information to help and train the user; immediately increasing the value of the product they purchased.

Who is Recursive Awesome?

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A History of InnovationSimple_light_bulb_graphic

Whether it be mobile, web, cloud or hardware, we have a track record of pushing the envelope on developing for the latest advancements in technology. Today, that is the Internet of Things and specifically the "Data of Things".

As this wave of connected devices is growing  leveraging software and hardware has emerged, we have been actively involved by developing solutions for companies to bring data from the physical world online and able to be tracked and measured.

I'm Here to Help

Owner & Founder Justin Grammens is a serial entrepreneur and a leader in emerging technologies. Outside of Recursive Awesome, he owns IoT Weekly, a news publication covering trends on the Internet of Things and is a professor teaching a graduate level course on IoT at the University of Saint Thomas. He was was named one of the 2016 (Real) Power 50 by Minnesota Business, co-organized Minnesota’s first Internet of Things Hack Day and co-founded both Arduino.MN and IoT Fuse, a non-profit to help advance the Internet of Things.

Creating Happy Clients

Recursive Awesome has deep roots in building mobile applications and web solutions for Fortune 500 companies like Best Buy, BuzzFeed, Coldwell Banker, Thomson Reuters and McDonalds.

We understand that the Internet of Things is still new to many companies. Being a startup ourselves we can relate to companies working on their first internet connected product.

Expert Consultants

As the Internet of Things is a vast landscape of technologies, we have trusted partner relationships to help you at various levels. Solutions involving everything from hardware design, network providers and data analytics are areas we cover.

From short term engagements to full product lifecycle development, we craft solutions using a team of expert consultants to build your connected product.

Cloud Partners




Recursive Awesome and Partners Create Lab 651, LLP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 27, 2016 Saint Paul, MN – Recursive Awesome joins Forcient and Pongraz Engineering to form Lab 651, LLP. As interest in connected devices and the so called, “Internet of Things” continues to grow, Recursive Awesome saw an opportunity to join a larger ecosystem. Lab 651 is poised to take the…


The (Real) Power 50 of 2016

I had the extreme pleasure of being named one of The (Real) Power 50 for 2016 by Minnesota Business! It is a tremendous honor to be included in this list and I’m humbled to have been selected this year for the award. Becky and I were able to attend and I was able to accept the…


IoT at the Innovation Jam

I was fortune enough to speak at the 2nd Annual Innovation Jam, put on by my friends at Ciceron. The other speakers included Kent Strand from Accredent, Ashley Evenson from Ciceron and Chuck Olson from Visual. Between the 4 of us we covered topics ranging from the Internet of Things, proximity marketing using Beacons, new marketing…


What to Do About Privacy?

I spoke in January at an awesome technology event on the Internet of Things called Code Freeze. I had an amazing time enjoying dinner the night before with keynotes by Ray Arell from Intel, Larry Lukis of ProtoLabs and Robert Gallup of XOBXOB; the entire day was full of excitement. The guys and gals who ran the event did an amazing…


Google Prediction API – FTW!

I presented a few weeks ago on the Google Prediction API at DevFestMN. It was the third year that I had presented at the conference and once again had a great time. I enjoyed the questions from the attendees of my talk and I think (hope?) those attending the session enjoyed and learned a lot.…


IoT Platforms: The Big Boys Are Coming to Play

Great interview with Maribel Lopez on current trends she is seeing in the industry, specifically around all the competing platforms. Microsoft has been making a lot great strides in this space and it will be fun to see what happens in 2016 between IBM, Microsoft and Amazon. As noted in the interview, SAP is another…


Podcast: How Data Grids Boost Operational Intelligence

Our founder, Justin Grammens is the host of a new podcast being offered by RT Insights. The first broadcast in the series is now available. What’s an in-memory data grid used for? And how does it differ from streaming technologies? This podcast features Justin talking with Dr. William Bain, CEO of ScaleOut Software. Continue…


Five IoT Predictions for 2016

Gartner predicts that the number of IoT devices in use worldwide will grow from an estimated 5 billion in 2015 to some 25 billion connected devices by 2020. Continue…


LTE Is Tuning up for Tiny IoT Devices

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With all the technology advancements going on in the Internet of Things we are very close to seeing some revolutionary applications to automate multiple aspects of our lives. But it won’t be just one solution. Instead, it will be a series of services stitched together to build something unique. Continue…


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