FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 27, 2016lab6511300trans

Saint Paul, MN – Recursive Awesome joins Forcient and Pongraz Engineering to form Lab 651, LLP. As interest in connected devices and the so called, “Internet of Things” continues to grow, Recursive Awesome saw an opportunity to join a larger ecosystem. Lab 651 is poised to take the lead in creating a strong community of designers, entrepreneurs and innovators around building smart connected devices.

Recursive Awesome owner and Lab 651 founding partner, Justin Grammens states that, “as the market is asking for devices to be built, we see a strong need for Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering disciplines to be collaborating under one roof. Lab 651 provides that benefit to us and our customers.”

As the number of Internet of Things devices is projected to sky-rocket to more than 20 billion by 2020, there is a strong desire by companies looking to capitalize on this market and find reliable partners who can build and deliver smart connected devices. It is widely understood that it will take an entire ecosystem of partners to accomplish this task of creating solutions that involve digital devices connected to the physical world.

As Grammens continues, “We are at the start of a new age of computing, one in which Internet enabled devices will be everywhere. Lab 651 is here to help companies advance into this new age of computing”. Lab 651 has a full lab to build physical enclosures, circuits and embedded logic along with cloud and mobile applications.

Lab 651 is currently building out a new office at 550 Vandalia St. in Saint Paul and will be hosting an open house in mid August. Please contact to learn more.

About Lab 651:
Lab 651 connects the physical world to the digital universe. Focus is important and we believe that when building devices for the Internet of Things it takes more than one. We have expertise in Software, Embedded and Mechanical Engineering with each founding partner developing connected devices and systems for more than 20 years. With this experience under our belts our team can drive to a solution with minimal iterations. We know what works and what doesn’t.