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I had the extreme pleasure of being named one of The (Real) Power 50 for 2016 by Minnesota Business! It is a tremendous honor to be included in this list and I’m humbled to have been selected this year for the award. Becky and I were able to attend and I was able to accept the award the evening of April 28th at the JW Marriott.

The evening started with the gift of a metal from the magazine and networking. We also had fun getting our photos taken for a mock Minnesota Business magazine cover. The night then proceeded with a dinner and awards ceremony where we were seated with the main sponsors of the event, CBIZ / MHM ( awesome people ), along with one of the other (Real) Power 50 winners. The main ceremony was emceed by John Moe of American Public Media fame, who provided a light hearted backdrop and staged a “lightning round” panel with a few of the Power 50 winners to ask questions and get short off-the-cuff answers. It was a lot of fun and contained number of hilarious responses from the panel.

The evening ended with us having the pleasure of talking with John Moe himself, dessert and more networking. We got a free magazine on the way out and am looking forward to now as a winner of this award to help select the people whom I think should win the award for the (Real) Power 50 in 2017 for Minnesota Business Magazine!