I presented a few weeks ago on the Google Prediction API at DevFestMN. It was the third year that I had presented at the conference and once again had a great time. I enjoyed the questions from the attendees of my talk and I think (hope?) those attending the session enjoyed and learned a lot. My talk reviews data from Nice Ride (those green bikes here in Minneapolis/St. Paul), NYC Cab Ride data and some very interesting text sentiment analysis on both the state of the union speech by president Barak Obama and Donald Trump. I’m here to help you share this knowledge in future meetups and local data groups around town. Please contact me if you are interested in speaking at a future event.

I think Google has something very interesting that allows people to easily do “black-box” predictive functions on data over time and starts to get us further into Machine Learning other Artificial Intelligence areas like never before. I look forward to sharing more as I use this technology and building better solutions based on predictions with clients in the future. FTW!

You can find my slides here