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IoT Platforms: The Big Boys Are Coming to Play


Great interview with Maribel Lopez on current trends she is seeing in the industry, specifically around all the competing platforms. Microsoft has been making a lot great strides in this space and it will be fun to see what happens in 2016 between IBM, Microsoft and Amazon. As noted in the interview, SAP is another…

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Podcast: How Data Grids Boost Operational Intelligence

Our founder, Justin Grammens is the host of a new podcast being offered by RT Insights. The first broadcast in the series is now available. What’s an in-memory data grid used for? And how does it differ from streaming technologies? This podcast features Justin talking with Dr. William Bain, CEO of ScaleOut Software. Continue…

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The IoT Building Blocks You Ordered Have Arrived

With all the technology advancements going on in the Internet of Things we are very close to seeing some revolutionary applications to automate multiple aspects of our lives. But it won’t be just one solution. Instead, it will be a series of services stitched together to build something unique. Continue…

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