The Artificial Intelligence of Things

There’s a new phase going around the past few years. It’s one in which I believe company executive and business owners of all sizes should be keeping their eyes on and that is AIoT.

The AIoT is short for the Artificial Intelligence of Things . It’s the convergence of both Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. If you don’t know me, you probably wouldn’t know, but I’ve been keenly aware and building communities around the Internet of Things for close to a decade, even before the term was picked up and in widespread usage. I co-founded a non-profit and conferences called IoTFuse, started the first Internet of Things Hackday, started one of the first publications called IoT Weekly News and created a graduate level course at the University of Saint Thomas on the Internet of Things.

However, what I believe has been happening is that we are now seeing that the power of the IoT is not in the connectivity and sensors, but the data and the intelligence that we bake into these “things” using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Venn Diagram can be summed up as this:

AIoT Venn Diagram

The convergence of these technologies is super exciting and one that you’ll see myself and Recursive Awesome leading in many ways as we specifically work with companies that are collecting data using IoT technology and then applying our experience in the areas of Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks to allow them to do everything from predictive analytics to computer vision, sound analysis and natural natural language processing. There’s a whole new world of possibilities out there and one in which Recursive Awesome will be at the forefront of building solutions for our customers that will use this data and intelligence to transform their business.

We have just started and I’m excited at what’s ahead!

Justin Grammens
Founder, Recursive Awesome