About Recursive Awesome

Why Recursive Awesome?

Recursive Awesome was originally started by Sam Schroeder and Justin Grammens in 2008. The business was a consultancy, focused exclusively on mobile and web applications. It was the first of its kind to bring mobile application development to Twin Cities ( Minneapolis / Saint Paul ) of Minnesota. Through a series of changing technlogy landscpaes, and life circumstances, Justin Grammens now owns the company and has been building a team of highly experienced Machine Learning practioners with a focus on building intelligecne mobile applications and intelligent cloud applications so businesses can use their vision, voice, natural language and IoT sensor data to create a smalrter business.

What’s this AIoT Stuff?

We have written an article on what the AIoT is - but suffice to say, this is the next gneration of the Internet of Things. One in which you can’t ignore the data. If you dn’t use thie data and build smarter systems, mobile applications and interfaces, you will lose the race with your competition.

This is where we come in!

We help you assess once you have this data, what are the business use cases that we can help your flesh out, what is the newest technology in Machine Learning and deploying it to a gateway, an iPhones or Android devices or any other computing within your network and someting yuo can stop with us at any tme.